This is a limited selection of projects made available for free use by Contractors, Subcontractors and Suppliers. Paying members have access to the Online Plan Center with thousands more projects.

General Contractor Project Areas

Projects posted here are for access by Subcontractors and Vendors and may be protected by a password issued by the General Contractor. Many more projects are available to members only in the Online Plan Center.
Public Works

Some federal & state agencies, counties, municipalities, port authorities, utility districts, transportation departments, and educational institutions have contracted with Builders Exchange of Washington to post projects here.
They are available for use by General Contractors, Subcontractors and Vendors only.
Many more public works projects are posted in bid-date order in the Online Plan Center which is available to members only.
Small Public Works Roster

Small Public Works Roster Projects from various Public Works agencies. These projects are only open and available to Contractors currently approved on the agency's small public works roster. Other Contractors interested in bidding on these projects are encouraged to contact each agency in order to enroll in their roster.
Goods and Services

Requests for Goods and Services from public agencies.
Subcontractor Project Areas

Projects posted by Subcontractor and Vendor members.
Training / Academia

For use by educational institutions that utilize for educational training programs and classes.

Please note that also conducts free personalized training sessions for members.

Call 425-258-1303 for more information.