Builders Exchange of Washington, Inc.'s On-Line Plan Center

Access to Builders Exchange of Washington's On-Line Plan Center is subject to the following Conditions:

1. Warning! When accessing this area, password user represents that they are an "Authorized Employee User", defined as an employee based in/from a subscribing named member office/branch location. Unauthorized use is considered to be membership violation and may result in disruption of service, cancellation of membership, and/or imposition of a $500 reinstatement fee (per party, per violation).
2. Access to project information through this site by any plan center, reprographics firm, and construction news / project reporting business is specifically denied. "Harvesting" (downloading, copying, and transmitting) of any project information for purposes of reselling and or redistributing information by any party is denied.
3. Document clarity is dependent on condition of original source documents and is not guaranteed.
4. BXWA does not warrant programs or job images to be free from defects or errors, known or unknown, existent or latent.
5. BXWA does not warrant software or services provided by others in any manner, nor does BXWA warrant that any services or images be guaranteed for any purpose.
6. BXWA endeavors to provide accurate information in our service and online project information. However, errors or omissions may occur and users are advised not to rely completely on the accuracy of the information. BXWA disclaims any and all liability arising from inaccuracy or incompleteness on any such information.
7. BXWA does not warrant the scale of the posted images, on screen, after downloading or on paper, no matter who prints them.
8. Documents and information are to be used only for the purpose intended by the providers of these documents.

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