LEED projects earn extra points"Going Green."

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Members and guests of ASPE Chapter 45 were treated to a very informative program featuring Craig Norsen of Seneca Group,  Jack Avery of Sellen Construction, Brad Pease, a LEED Consultant, Les Gerstmann of BLRB Architects, and Peter Dobrovolny of the City of Seattle.

The subject of earning extra point awards on LEED projects by implementing “green” processes was discussed, and not surprisingly, paperless services like ours at BXWA came up.  We were pleased by comments that show we do more than save our customers money.

The “green” concept in these and other projects, both public and private, has been around quite a while, yet it has gained a lot of momentum in recent years.  Builders Exchange of Washington is pleased to offer services that support our customers' efforts to achieve “green” building status through paperless planning, while saving natural resources and cutting down on CO2 emissions.

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