How to Find Content in Free Access Area

    (No Registration or BXWA Membership Required)
Jump to: Finding Projects in Members-only Area

Step 1: On the Home Page, Select Posted Projects

Step 2: On the Posted Projects Page, Select a primary posting area:

o         General Contractors' On-line Plan Rooms     

o         Public Works Projects     

...or, for specialized content (fewer projects available)

o          Small Works Roster Projects (Public Works)     

o          Goods and Services     

o         Design Professionals

o         Subcontractor Project Areas


Step 3: Select an appropriate Plan Room.

Step 4: Select "Projects Bidding" ...see "More..." for options -->     

Step 5: Review the Conditions Agreement ...Select "I Agree"

Step 6: Review the list of projects...Select a project     

Step 7: Review the Project Information